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TTS Hua Hai Ships Equipment Co., Ltd (TTS Hua Hai) is a Shanghai-based joint venture company established in June, 1998, specializing in design and manufacture of marine cargo access equipment. The two share holders are Hua Hai Marine Cargo Access Equipment Co., a member of CSSC, a leading shipbuilding group of China, and TTS Ships Equipment AB, a member of the Norwegian headquartered TTS Group, a world leader in the design and manufacture of ships and shipyard equipment, with a share of 50% each.

TTS Hua Hai engages in design, manufacture, installation, supervision and after-sales service of a complete range of ships cargo access equipment, comprising:

• Hatch cover for bulk carriers, container vessels, ore carriers, multi-purpose vessels and refrigerated cargo ships.
• RoRo access equipment, such as bow/stern doors and ramps, internal ramps, ramp covers, hoisting deck, side-loading systems, cargo lifts and side doors, for passenger ferries, freight ferries and pure car/truck carriers (PCC/PCTC). 

Hatch covers designed and supplied by TTS Hua Hai find a wide use on various types of vessels built by shipyards of CSSC, CSIC, COSCO, China Shipping , CCSG, and many other local shipyards.

TTS Hua Hai has a high qualified technical team. Today, TTS Hua Hai has competence to develop and design hatch covers for hi-tech vessels like very large container vessels over 10 000TEU, VLOC over 300 000DWT, and also design competence for RoRo equipment for PCC/PCTC .


TTS Hua Hai Ships Equipment Co.Ltd.

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