Results from the Bondholders' meeting 11.12.2018

TTS Group ASA ("Company") hereby announces that today's Bondholders' meeting unanimously approved the proposed changes (pursuant to summons of 27 November 2018) to the bond issue "10.00 per cent TTS Group ASA Convertible Callable Unsecured Subordinated Bond Issue 2011/2016" with ISIN NO 0010593890.

The bondholder meeting approved a six-month extension to the company's convertible bond loan, which expires 18 January 2019. New expiry date is 18 July 2019.


The Company has convened an Extraordinary General Meeting on 14 December to request approval of a corresponding six-month extension for the conversion rights for the loan. The Bond Agreement will amended as set out in the summons of the meeting contingent on the approval from the Extraordinary General Meeting as outlined above.