Helicopter deck

The increasing use of helicopters in conjunction with modern mega yachts makes the integration of landing areas a significant part of overall yacht design. But not only are the landing pads themselves important, so is the question of stowage, as more yachts are being built to carry their own helicopters.

In order to protect the helicopter from the weather while not in use, TTS has developed several solutions for the stowing of helicopters onboard, including the facility for lowering part of the landing pad into the helicopter hangar.

Helicopter landing pads can be situated in various areas onboard a mega yacht, depending on the yacht’s general design. The positioning must allow sufficient clearance to the yacht’s superstructure and the area’s dimensions must fulfil international guidelines. The landing pad must also be constructed to withstand the designated forces of impact.

TTS helicopter pads have harnessing points for securing the aircraft once it has landed. The movable parts of the pad are built so that fuel leakages are channelled off, thus fulfiling international rules for fire protection. The pad can also be equipped with the lighting necessary for night flight operations.

Once the helicopter has landed the rotor blades can be folded back and the central portion of the platform lowered into the hangar. Thus it can be safely stowed or serviced so that it is always ready for flight. The hangar can be equipped with compact cranes and other tools which may be needed for maintenance work.

When the central portion of the pad is lowered to the hangar, the other pad sections can be closed to create usable deck space. This usable space can be designed in many ways depending on the owner’s requirements. The image (left) illustrates just one of the possible configurations.

    Helicopter deck

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