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Naval architect trainee abroad with TTS in South Korea

My name is Erik Lengyel and in the summer of 2018 I graduated from Chalmers with a Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering degree. During my studies, I applied for the Lighthouse Trainee Program to be able to experience as much as possible of the marine industry. The trainee program consists of four different companies. One of them is TTS, the company I am currently doing my internship at.

I started at TTS on the 1st of December 2018 as part of the design team focusing on structural calculations for various ramps and hoistable car deck panels that TTS are designing. This was the first time I got to follow the design process from drawings to calculations and the iterative and meticulous process that went into the design. I really enjoyed my time at the office at TTS and had the opportunity to work and learn a lot from good and helpful colleagues. However, seeing something on a computer screen and experiencing it in real life are two different things.
In February of 2019, I got the chance to visit the site office for TTS in South Korea at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan. I was given the opportunity to follow and work alongside Mr. Jong-Kyu Lee and Mr. Min-Ho Park for one month and experience how it is to be on a site at a big manufacturing shipyard. Working alongside Mr. Lee and Mr. Park, we interacted with items like hoistable car deck panels, ramps, hatch covers and stern ramps that TTS installed as part of the products they supplied for RoRo-vessels. These are similar to the items I helped with design at home before leaving for Korea. Besides working alongside the TTS site team, I was also assigned tasks of studying the structure of the installed items and the health and safety manual and how they are implemented on site. Working on site was nothing like working at home at the office in Sweden. The work at the shipyard consisted of supervising and inspecting the items that were installed on the ship and performing tests that ensure the owner that our products delivered what we promised. They passed all test with outstanding performance. Working at the shipyard also gave me more insight into what it actually takes to build a 200 meter (or longer) vessel. The number of people and activity, in the beginning, was overwhelming and looked chaotic, but the more time I spend there, I noticed how coordinated the work at the shipyard actually was.

Visiting the site in Korea did not only consist of hard work. I had some time during the weekends to enjoy myself. One of the weekends, I travelled to Busan, the second largest city in Korea together with Harvey Gu and Mingde Xie from TTS China. We got to enjoy the famous Haeundae Beach in Busan and try some traditional Korean street food. The last weekend before I left to return home I took the train to Seoul. I had the chance to visit the DMZ between North and South Korea and got a glimpse into North Korea.  I have gained a lot of good experience being in South Korea with TTS and can now move on with new challenges in my upcoming trainee period.
I would like to thank everyone involved, especially Mr. Jong-Kyu Lee and Mr. Min-Ho Park who made this experience so much better. This experience further proved that the career path of a Naval Architect is something that was worth proceeding.

Erik Lengyel

    Naval architect trainee abroad with TTS in South Korea