Winch Bollard

TTS Marine AS has developed a Winch Bollard mooring system, which makes mooring operations easier and safer than the more conventional systems currently available. The patended TTS Winch Bollard can replace mooring winches, capstans, warping drums and the bollards normally used for mooring.

Basic features for Winch Bollard:

  • One man operated
  • Direct mooring without use of stoppers
  • Optimal and safe control during mooring
  • Control stand with a foot pedal
  • Integrated emergency stop and a flexible cable connection
  • Easy controllable fail safe brakes
  • Stepless speed control with high light line speed
  • Automatically reduction of line speed when the load is increased
  • Low noise during operation
  • Self lubricated bearings for low maintenance
  • Compact, clean and water resistant design


    Winch Bollard

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