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Drilling Packages

Drilling Packages

TTS Sense delivers offshore drilling equipment packages for platform rigs, jack ups and semi submersibles. Our team consist of highly skilled engineers has many years of experience in delivering integrated drilling packages to international drilling contractors.


Based on a unique combination of innovative solutions, patented products and use of best practices, our designs provide a safer, more efficient and integrated drilling environment. Over the years we have built a portfolio of drilling equipment which enables us to deliver complete drilling equipment packages. We prefer to use own products to build packages, but are open to work with other equipment suppliers upon specific equipment requests.


We may take on various roles in a project life cycle:


  • Conceptual design/arrangements and ideas
  • Project management
  • Detailed engineering tasks, also together with Client teams
  • Supply of drilling equipment/mud systems including third party equipment
  • Yard supervision and follow up
  • Crew training/on-site support/after sales activities
  • Optimize life cycle cost together with Clients


Offshore Modular Rigs


TTS Sense delivers Offshore Modular Rigs tailored to meet the specific requirements of a field development, whether the rig is for workover, drilling, P&A or a combination of well services. Our Offshore Modular Rigs is based on the internationally patented rack & pinion hoisting principle, which has been proven in various rig configurations all over the globe.


Basing the Offshore Modular Rig on rack & pinion principle, a more compact, much lighter rig can be designed when compared with traditional solutions. This means that our Offshore Modular Rigs require less foot print, has less loading on platform structures, comes in fewer modules, are easier to split and combine when rigging up or down, resulting in quickier mobilization. The rigs are tailor made and designed for the platform’s crane capacity (typical 10T to 30T lifts). Depending on the module size and weight, innovative rig up and rig down solutions are delivered which involves a minimum of offshore labour.


Our Offshore Modular Rigs can be fitted with all kind of accessories, such as:

  • Small or large drill floor, with a variety of handling equipment and drill floor tools.
  • Adjustable work basket, allowing safe operation at differet heights during snubbing operations.
  • BOP decks and remote operated BOP handling systems.
  • Top drives with snubbing capability (or traveling rotary table with API certified snubbing slips).
  • Vertical and horizontal pipe handling for fully mechanized handling of tubulars.
  • Module based mud system in various configurations.
  • Well control equipment (sourced from various vendors).

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