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Land Rigs

TTS Sense delivers land drilling rigs based on our internationally patented rack & pinion technology, enabling us to design and deliver rigs that have unique capabilities when compared with traditional land rigs. Our line of Finder™ R&P rigs are now drilling, snubbing and doing workover on challenging wells all over the globe. These rigs are unique in terms of mobilization, operational weight, speed of operation, as well as level of automation.



Our UltraSingle® Finder™ rigs are super-efficient self-propelled trailer rigs with a load rating between 125 T to 200T that can be outfitted for workover, drilling or “hybrid” in combination with coil tubing. The rigs are very quick to mobilize. They may be delivered with a variety of accessories:


  • Top drives with snubbing capability (or traveling rotary table with API certified snubbing slips).
  • Small or large drill floor, with a variety of handling equipment and drill floor tools.
  • Adjustable work basket, allowing safe operation at differet heights during snubbing operations.
  • Powered catwalk on separate trailer.
  • Vertical pipe handling system.
  • “Drop-in” coiled tubing system.
  • BOP handling system.


Our Finder™ 250D / 300GT and 400D are land drilling rigs moved by regular trucks. These rigs are split in modules and connected to allow efficient rig up / rig down. Main modules are rigged using remote controlled hydraulic cylinders. They may be delivered with a variety of accessories:


  • Top drives and rotary tables.
  • Large drill floors with 30 ft space underneath for efficient BOP handling.
  • Remote controlled and automated drill floor, with iron roughneck, catheads, winches and other equipment.
  • Remote controlled and automated vertical / horizontal tubular handling with full standbuilding capability.
  • BOP handling system. 


All rigs contain an integrated control system for all rig functions, with the optional capability to transmit real time data to any location. Clients may choose drilling control rooms based on the X-COM operator’s chair.



For all rigs a full rig support package with trucks, generator sets, electrical house, low pressue and high mud system, well control system, BOP, offices, pits etc. can be delivered.

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